Fertility Testing: Restrained and Examined (doctor patient medical erotica)

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The next day mom and Amy left for work and I did my chores as agreed upon. After finishing my household tasks, I decided to drive down to the college I had planned to attend in the fall. A close friend of mine and professor of the university offered me a job on campus as a medical assistant. The job included free room and board, free tuition, free utilities, and a stipend each month that gave me spending money.

I decided to take the job and start immediately full time against mother's wishes. I told mom about the opportunity countless times but she disregarded my sales pitch on each occasion. I think mom's biggest problem with the job was that I would be moving out of the house.

She said, "moving out was not an option since your father's death.

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I called in a few favors from a couple of friends who helped me move before Amy and mom returned from work. The dorm room I would be living in was new construction and furnished. After unpacking my things I headed back to mom's house to tell everyone the good news. Arriving back at moms, I noticed the answering machine was lit up with a message on it. It was mom saying she would be working late and not to wait up. Anxious to get back to my new living quarters, I decided to call mom and tell her I was moving out.

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Amy answered the phone as all good secretaries do and informed me that mom wouldn't be available since she was busy with a patient. I told my sister about the decision I had made to move out and gave her the new address.

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Amy cheerfully announced she would visit soon as possible and congratulated me. I gave my sibling permission to inform mom of the "big news. It was mother and she sounded upset. Some people might think I was mean to mother, but by taking a stand I knew eventually she would relent, or so I thought? The next afternoon I checked my e-mail at school. There were thirty three messages from mom.

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One message had a picture of Amy sitting naked on the bed with her legs spread. It contained a caption pointing to her love tunnel that read, "You belong here! Come home your sister needs you! I printed and framed the naked picture and it now resides on the ceiling above my bed. I have masturbated countless times looking up to my big sister, in more ways than one.

A couple of days later I was watching TV in the dorm when I heard a knocking at the door. I looked through the spy hole in the door and sure enough there was mom. I didn't want to talk to her since there was nothing to talk about. So I turned the TV off and slipped out a window until my persistent parent was nowhere in sight.

Mother is so unrelenting when she doesn't get her way. What will she do next? Only time would tell. I worked my new job on campus and learned I loved everything about it.

I could walk to and from work since it was only about fifty yards away from my dorm room. On my arrival back from work in the parking lot, I noticed something wasn't right. Where's my car? I parked it right in front of my dorm room and it was stolen! As I was running in the front door of my dorm, I kicked a cardboard box with a note attached.

I opened the note and instantly became alerted to mothers hand writing. It read as follows: Dear defiant son, I write to you filled with grief that your absence from home continues. Why haven't you replied to my many e-mails, phone calls, or visits? Not knowing if you are okay has made me physically ill.

e-book Fertility Testing: Restrained and Examined (doctor patient medical erotica)

So much that I have taken a leave of absence from work. The thought of losing first your father and now you are too much to bear.

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My life is lonely since you left and your sister misses you too. Please come home. I have reviewed all the events following my voyeuristic spying of Amy and you having sex. I am disgusted at how I treated you both and feel somehow responsible. It was I that should have been bent over and promptly spanked, not your sister.

Perhaps a brand new baby girl or boy for me to love and enjoy.

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What a lovely gift for a future grandmother. It's all a lonely woman could wish for. With your absence I now see the errors of my ways. My hasteful decisions have torn this family apart and I should be punished accordingly. I now sleep in your old room dreaming of the day I will kiss you on your arrival back.

Please give your mother another chance so that together we can bring another life into this world. Nothing would make your old mom happier. If you decide to return home I promise things will be different. Thinking of the day when another Ryan is born into this world is too joyous to describe.

I know if your father was alive, he would be happy to produce another addition to our happy family. Don't you? Your sister and I have talked it over and with your permission, have decided to be your sexual slaves. To do with as you please! I have always wanted another baby and having my son as the father would make me so proud. Anticipating your possible homecoming, Amy and I have decided to stop all birth control.

The thought of your cum in my pussy makes me so happy. You do want to make mommy happy don't you son? Regretful of my selfish and inexcusable actions, I have decided to reward you for being such a wonderful part of my life. I have taken the liberty of taking your vehicle that has "rust is my favorite color" written on it, and traded it in on a brand new sports model. Thank goodness Amy and I didn't drive your clunker any farther.