Mugshots & Case Files From The Gangster Era- Volume 3

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Michaelson has several mugshots that depict minors, like these two boys photographed in New Castle, Pennsylvania, in the s. Michaelson : There are so many amazing stories, but I think my favorite is probably about the armless bandit. There was this guy named George Cooper, who lost both arms in an accident when he was a boy and went on to lead a criminal gang. While an inmate, he required a valet to feed, dress, and wash him, which proved to be too much of a nuisance for the prison authorities.

Because of this he was soon released, only to return to his criminal occupation. He bore a striking resemblance to a young Matt Damon. When the mugshot arrived, it was accompanied by several newspaper clippings describing his various exploits. The official record and mugshot for the armless George Cooper, along with newspaper clippings from the s.

Facetime: The justices and injustices of mugshots in a digital age

I wrote to tell him how much I liked the work and how gratified I was that he and his crew had found inspiration in my project. The artists painted murals in half the cells, and in the other half, I created installations with big Andy Warhol-style blowup prints. It was a huge success, and word traveled all around the street-art world. When I returned to New York, I was inspired to take my pictures to the street, so in the middle of the night, I wheatpasted large blowups all over lower Manhattan.

At one point it was organized by place and time, then chronologically, and then I reshuffled based on the alleged crime. The working title is Broads, Dames, Dolls and Dishes. With the mugshots of men, some are great, but many are boring. With the women, each and every one of them is killer. Anna McCabe, an year-old stock girl in a dry-goods house, was arrested in Union, New Jersey, in for abandonment.

This photograph is mounted on a card printed with the standard Bertillon measurement list, including blanks for details like the subject's earlobe size. Fingerprints eventually replaced the detailed measurement list, as seen on this mugshot of John Davis from Actually, there is nothing cryptic about this note. Lee Apr 3, Party having led an honest industrious life for a number of years previous.

22 Worst Mugshot Photos

Apparently that person had cleaned up his act and it was no longer deemed necessary to have his photo on file, so it was taken out of the album. See letter. CDV mugshots did not appear until the s. Louis, Missouri. The photos in the collection, which is not complete, span the years I used to be a law enforcement officer with 16 years behind the badge. One of first tasks they gave me other than minding the telephones and radios, was to sort out a very large pile of mug shots laying in two heaps without rhyme or reason, in a couple of large file cabinet drawers.

I asked how they wanted them sorted, and the reply was to come up with whatever system I thought of that made sense.

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After working on the pile of photos for a couple of hours, I came across an individual who had been arrested only a few years previously. In the photo, his left eye was looking up and to his left, while his right eye was looking down.

His mouth was open and overall, he looked dazed and confused. This must be a poster child for Just Say No to Drugs! Franklin eds.


Vintage mugshots from Australia, 1920s

However, agencies are still given authority to disseminate. MacNeil, supra note 53, at 64 quoting S. This more restricted dissemination results in a looser standard for agencies to work with in determining if the privacy invasion is warranted. Halloran , F. Integrity Comm. See Nathan R. The Tenth Circuit took a more limited view of privacy protection than the Eleventh Circuit. See Karantsalis v.

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V See generally Reporters Comm. Rap sheets contain descriptive information used by law enforcement officials to identify and prosecute criminals. Information can include date of birth, physical characteristics, history of arrests, charges, and incarceration. Roe, U. Detroit Free Press, Inc. Detroit Free Press , 73 F. For example, the court recognized that had the videotape of the infamous police beating of Rodney King never been made, the mug shot would have served the same purpose, alerting the public to police mistreatment in a routine traffic stop.

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In Times Picayune Publishing Corp. Department of Justice , the plaintiff argued that public dissemination of mug shots could also result in citizens offering information to the police. The court did not refute this argument, but rather found that it was inapplicable in the case at hand.

Mugshots of mobsters in the 1930s New York found in private diaries of detective now up for auction

Karantsalis v. Karantsalis , F.


Customs Serv. See Banks v. United States, F. Customs Service , F. Andrew D. Matthew D. Mitchell L. See supra note and accompanying text; see also, e.


See generally Callanan, supra note , for a description of how unconvicted criminal defendants bear similar repercussions as convicted criminals because the public presumes guilt. See U. Cohn, U. Favish, U. Computer Rev. Thank you to the student writers and editors of Volumes 98 and 99 of the Iowa Law Review for their hard work and to my family for their continued support. Introduction With the aid of modern technology, mug shots of the latest arrested celebrities are easily accessible through a simple online search. The Amendments The first amendments were enacted in and helped alleviate procedural frustrations.

Privacy Interests in Mug Shots Criminal detainees have a privacy interest in nondisclosure of their identifying information. The Current Split The delicate balance between right to privacy and public interest has been the topic of many court opinions.