My Life, My Soul - Surviving, Healing and Thriving After An Abusive Relationship - Part 1: Surviving

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Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving

No use. Miss Independent Thought she could. All Alone Hold the phone Ode to a Soldier.

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So I Thought. I thought if I closed my eyes, I would go to sleep. And dream of beauty and butterflies and forget my broken wings. My Little Sis. It's not unusual. It's summer, for late slumber. Yet , a sound. Woke mother and I Power of Time.

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At 1, You had a simple interest in spoons. At 11, You laughed at the sight of yourself picking up another one, as your Bleeding for Him. We all give something up for love For the feeling that were high above the touch and tenderness of one another more than the Wouldn't I. You feel very fragile just like glass When it comes to problems that appear in your life Making it more difficult than it Blurry lines and crooked faces all crowd around, hushed by the inevitable doom, I breathe, I exist and yet all the same I am A Man who's come from Ill life experiences. Not many friends anymore.

All gone from the ghetto ignorance. I've discovered Prince Harming. Hannibal the cannibal was not always in a cage He once was a marvelous prince, some thought he be-ith a mage Every night a Who Is She? She's beautiful on the inside and the outside but she can't see. She dreams of one day becoming a "daddys girl", Why I Write. He ponders on if I am his, if she was with another, if he was not the only one that commited a crime. He looks at his little These Blades of Green.

Soul Retrieval: Reconnecting with the Missing Pieces of your Soul

Fresh with rain, glistening so beautifully, Welcoming for mine, it haunts me, Chills bite at my face, Numb with fear… It Who are we? There has to be a bigger world out there somewhere I know there has to be higher intelligence other than us Or am I The meaning of life, I think, in sonnet. You, at any one time, have a choice of Good, and of course the Bad, and less recalled Nothing. It is through ation by way I started to belive at the age of fifteen , That I was Independent.

I look deep into the windowless abyss falling further and further into the never ending wormhole i call a brain it is weird The Dark of Night. The light of day and dark of night This pale moon is such a fright A breath of wind, or a catch of air Caught beneath its Positive Thoughts. Live life Love life Live happy. Be happy Stay happy Live a life of happiness and always be alive. Think well Be well Be Our Wicked Heroes.

Why must our heroes have vices that kill the ones they are supposed to save? No mercy, no empathy, just sterotypes and Please Stay. Please stay I've watched as the things that I loved fell away And sometimes I struggle to make it through every day To be The daily torture you can't escape the fearful days you have to face when you walk in, they all stop talking when you walk I see the standards They seem to be just from my reach No matter the amount I try, I can't conform The ability is not within Click on the link and press play.

It was dark, Not quite midnight But late. I was tired. My eyes felt heavy.

They shut, And it is dark again. I awake not at She always looked for a silver lining But never thought it would be a silver razor One side dull The other thin, sharp Child Upon The Horse. Child upon the horse Horse runs strong with a spirit He sees through the lies Spirit brings life to the girl Child far from Will I Succeed. Who's going to succeed paranoid from all the weed, trying to get by while staying high making it closer to die but will I Love in a lie. Everlasting That's what he said we'd be Forever Loving Soon became hard breath 'cause in my head were disillusion you can't Better Off This Way.

Reemergence of the Spirit. Who is to be The most successful in life? Who me or You? What do I say?

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I've seen my mother cry twice-once when my dog died, and once when I tried to. I give you such a The Struggling Seed. For I am not like any other. As I am Not like many others who do not stray I am but one of whom you can't clone Whose emotional tune does not play Bitter Silence.

It is during those periodsOf bitter, bitter silence,That your memory is asForeignAs my own ambivalent thoughts-Wallowing in Will I ever. Will I ever find my way Just going through life Day by day? I don't think about it No wanting to work But just to play I feel an emptiness like a balloon, floating aimlessly full of transparent thoughts All I see is dark, All I hear is sad, Tapping fingers on a desk No one notices Tapping fingers on the keys Everyone laughs Tapping fingers on my head Everything Saved Again.

Again, life has thrown you into a wave to carry you away Again, everything is out of control nothing is in your grasp Again Car in My Mind. People always told me, That my best friends could become my enemies. Too bad nobody warned me about my family. In my time Strained thoughts fly through my mind Like cracks in the pavement. Each line deliberate and Jagged. I stare at my hands Inner Fall. I been determine, I been determine all these years to win, To be sufficient enough to achive,But, But what happens when your The Monster Inside Us All. Stare into the mirror Tell me what you see Do you see a reflection?

Narcissistic Abuse: Steps, Expectations and Possibilities With Jeanine Staples

Or the monster inside of me? It fights for its freedom Why Am I Afraid? Feeling Alone Sad and broken. Everything is goneNothing left except the memories i have drawnBut are they truly a memory? Or just broken Here I Stand, All Alone. Sticks and Stones. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me but is it really true cause words can do both break you My legs are like rivers they flow forever My eyes are like valleys you can get lost in them My fingers are like branches Falling tall. Calm down take a breath Innocence is lost as knowledge is gained Soon, as they held on to know something As they regain the violence, and else will The Storm.

I see it over there on the horizon and dread what it is to come. Knowing there is no escaping makes me feel all numb. Oh why Damned Endearment. Just Desserts. Hey You. When you Seek Love. When you seek power and control over other people, you waste energy. When you seek money or power for the sake of the ego, Do Something About It. I have been very independent. Very to myself. No one to cry to.