Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

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Nanoparticle based drug delivery systems have been rapidly growing and are being applied to various sections of biomedicine. Drug nanocarriers based on dendrimers, liposomes, self-assembling peptides, watersoluble polymers, and block copolymer micelles are the most extensively studied types of drug delivery systems and some of them are being used in clinical therapy.

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In particular for cancer therapy, antineoplastic drugs are taking advantage of nanoparticulate drug carriers to improve the cure efficacy. Nanoparticle based drug carriers are capable of improving the therapeutic effectiveness of the drugs by using active targeting for the site-specific delivery, passive targeting mechanisms such as enhanced permeability and retention EPR , de novo synthesis and uptake of low density liposome in cancer cells or by being water-soluble to improve the suboptimal pharmacokinetics in limited water-soluble delivery methods.

Keywords: Drug delivery, encapsulation, tumor targeted delivery, dendrimers, liposome, self-assembling peptides, water-soluble polymers, block copolymer micelles. Abstract: Conventional drug delivery systems contain numerous limitations such as limited targeting, low therapeutic indices, poor water solubility, and the induction of drug resistances. Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design.

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1. Introduction

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Lipid Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: A Revolution in Dosage Form Design and Development

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Virus-based nanoparticles VNPs : platform technologies for diagnostic imaging.