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  6. Halol, Panchmahal, Gujarat, India, Massenbachhausen Plant Address. Jahnstrasse 19, Massenbachhausen, Germany, Gordon Lett first heard about Galia — though such an operation had been long hoped for and half expected — from a message received on a radio borrowed from a nearby American mission, during an encounter with its members on 22 December Lett had for some time been asking London for a military mission in the region, with a request for three to four hundred troops to exploit the gains he had already made with his own force.

    Field notes: ENDURANCE • Stone Aerospace

    So the news of support was most welcome. Unbeknownst to him, this absence of communication had raised suspicions among the intelligence community back in London that he may have been compromised, although of course this was not passed on in any transmissions. The signal informed Lett that a unit of thirty-three men from 2nd Regiment SAS, were to be dropped into his area five days later, on 27 December.

    It is worth noting here that Lett had been operating alone for many months, behind enemy lines, creating a fighting force from a disparate group of men using weapons he had acquired through initiative and carefully cultivated local sources, all the while trying to persuade the Allies that his organization was legitimate, and his need for support absolutely critical. He had also been walking a fine line with the local politics of the various armed gangs, partisan groups and key figures in the valley.

    Added to this, of course, was the constant threat of betrayal, and the fact that he was actively engaged in taking the fight to the Germans.

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    Lett had somehow managed to pull this off, a feat of great diplomacy, of magnificent leadership, and of highly complex management. But with this must have come immense mental stress. Lett should be lauded as a remarkable figure in this period, this region, and this conflict, and his reaction on hearing that he was finally to receive tangible outside support is entirely understandable.

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    The relief must have been immense. As it happened, 27 December marked the first anniversary of the first rastrellamento [SS Search] in the valley, and Lett knew that the arrival of the SAS on that day would massively boost local morale and possibly galvanize the various partisan groups into some kind of collaboration, however temporary. The force Allied Command was sending was only a tenth of the size Lett had requested earlier — but it was based on sound military thinking.

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    It was extremely well trained, well equipped, and ideal for conducting guerrilla operations.