Put God First

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Watch this famous Denzel Washington Speech.

Enjoy our Speeches with big English subtitles and keep your English learning journey. English Speeches also makes this content available for download. Denzel Washington Quote:.

Putting God First

You did it. You made it.

Congratulations, you did it. You did it all by yourself, nobody helped you. Stop it right there. Is that if you only knew, how many people they have been praying for you. How many prayer groups she put together, how many prayers [talks] she gave, how many times she splashed me with holy water to save my sorry behind.

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I remember my graduation speaker, got up there and went on forever, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Number one: Put God first. Put God first in everything you do.

Lauren Alaina - I always put God first.

Everything that you think you see in me. Everything that I have is by the grace of God. Understand that.

PUT GOD FIRST EVERYDAY - Morning Inspiration to Motivate Your Day

Forty years ago, March 27th, — it was forty years ago just this past March, I was flunking out of college I had a 1. They still call the beauty shop now, what they call it? Yeah, and I was sitting in a beauty parlor. March 27th, , she said boy you are going to travel the world and speak to millions of people.


Well, I have traveled the world. Stick with him in everything you do.

Put God First

Perhaps the key to putting God first is in the story Washington shared about when he spoke to his mother when he was first beginning to make it in Hollywood as an actor. If you only knew how many people have been praying for you and how many prayer groups I put together and how many prayer cloths I gave you and how many times I splashed you with holy water to save your sorry behind.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

If you remain in me, and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing? Fruit rarely grows in isolation. It is only together with others, tethered by the vine that gives it life, can it truly grow on to bear fruitfulness. Perhaps putting God first is easier than I have made it out to be.

Maybe it simply means to realize we can do nothing by ourselves and walking in humility everyday not only with God, but with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Then and only then can our paths become straight.