The Common Sense Guide To Relationships: How To Be Happy In a Relationship By Applying Common Sense

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24 Best Relationship Books Every Couple Should Read Together

But everyone has bad friends, don't they? Everyone has some snobby girl called Jocasta who they hate but lives nearby. Everyone has some friend from high school who still talks about high school all the time and how good high school was. This is why you have to get along well with your other half's friends, even if they're a shower of total cunts: nobody is perfect, and even fewer people have good taste. It's important to avoid pressuring each other into integrating, unless that's what you both want.

You don't have to show them off at the bar like a surgery scar. Leave them to their own devices. Unless you're some gross, controlling maniac who constantly tracks their movements on Find My Friends, their independence is probably what drew you to them in the first place, right? Most people enjoy the company of at least one of their parents once they drag themselves out of the emotional mire of puberty, so they'll make a big deal about you meeting them.

You might have to meet a quiet stern dad who judges you exclusively on your posture and how well you can drink a pint. You may have to meet a zany mom who seems exceptionally sweet until you accidentally put your feet on some forbidden sofa and she starts crying. The relationship between a partner's parents and yourself is often an odd one: fraught, high stakes, underpinned by a sort of begrudging search for likable traits about one another, grey areas of small talk to revert to over silent lunches.

But generally, don't worry too much about "meeting the parents"—they're just old people like you see in the butcher or on a train platform. Main tip: don't be shy. Try to strike up a bit of PG banter to get everything going—the last thing they want is to think their child is entering into a year pact with a flavorless oat cake. Unless you're one of those self-conscious couples who schedule in regular joyless sex sessions solely to keep the numbers up, you're going to end up having less sex deep into an LTR than you did when you started.

It's an inevitability, but it's not necessarily an issue: if the sex is still good, there's a bit of variation going on, and everyone's still regularly climaxing, then there's surely nothing wrong with slowing things down a bit.

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Equally, if the sex starts to get a little stale, here's a quick fix: talk about it. Say, "I want to do weirder shit," or, "I want you to press my anus with your thumb a bit," or, "It would be great if we could try some foot stuff.

24 Relationship Books Every Couple Should Read Together

This is something people generally stress over way too much. You know how you've basically spent every night for the past two years sleeping over, while also paying rent on your own apartment? You know how mindlessly dull texting hourly updates to each other about what you're watching on TV can be? Yes, you'll probably have some space issues and a few little quandaries to work out, but when the timing's right, suck it up and make it work: if you intend to stay with this person for the long haul, moving in is part and parcel.

We've had it drilled into our subconscious that, although it's totally fine to live your own way, you're a total idiot if you do because there are magic moves that need to be played at the correct time if you don't want to fuck up your one shot at happiness. Thank everything we've grown up with our entire lives for that: comedies starring relatable horny single people who are HOPELESS at relationships, passive-aggressive think-pieces telling us the "Ten Reasons You Should Be Single In Your Twenties"; and, if you have a womb, the constant reminder that your fertility and time are inversely proportional.

And so an invisible timeline works its way into your subconscious: in your late teens you have a serious relationship that teaches you how to do sex; you fuck everything you can in your early-twenties; and then, between around 26 to 28, you meet the love of your life because you still want to look fit when you get married and be young enough to not have to splurge your pitiful disposable income on IVF. The more you allow the invisible timeline to drift into your consciousness unchallenged, the more you will question everything.

Don't get into this neurotic spiral. If you're happy in a relationship in your early twenties, who gives a fuck?

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Surprisingly, the study also found that younger people are actually more likely to be judgmental of these pairings than older ones, in spite of the reputation they have for being more open-minded about non-traditional relationships than previous generations. You have to try to understand that instead of getting stuck at the place where you see yourself in someone and your own experience.

The research on this is conflicting.

Surrender to the Things You Can’t Change

One recent study found that a year age difference makes you 39 percent more likely to get divorced than if you had no age difference at all. But, then again, there are a lot of older people who are pretty culturally savvy, and lots of younger Old Souls out there. So, once again, your mental age is what really counts here. I had also dated a 34 year old guy when I was That was a lot weirder and I was way more immature at that time obviously.

We had nothing in common. Another great way of dealing with the social stigma of being in a marriage with a large age difference is to joke about it both inside and outside the relationship. As such, she resisted their undeniable attraction, but Macron was resolute. I will return and I will marry you. And for me, that was it. If I did not make that choice, I would have missed out on my life. Experts say that, when it comes to marriage, the important thing is to have the same core values and to be a good team. You must have some cause that unites you at all times. You must both have a converging trajectory at some point on the horizon.

Otherwise, you will inevitably drift apart. This can manifest itself in various ways within a long distance relationship. In some cases, people get insanely jealous or irrationally possessive of their partner because they perceive every casual social outing without them as potentially threatening to their relationship.

Are you hiding something from me? Other people become extremely critical and neurotic that every small thing that goes wrong is an end to the relationship. All of these irrational fantasies are unhelpful. Be wary. A lot of long-distance couples create rules or expectations that they should have X number of calls or that they need to talk every night at a certain time.

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  5. You can even find some articles online recommending this sort of behavior. You talk to each other when you want to, not because you have to. And if that means going days without communicating, then so be it.

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    People get busy, after all. When you force communication, two things can happen. Welcome to every shitty marriage ever. This half-assed communication often creates more problems than it solves. Like, if your partner seems more interested in his tax returns than catching up with you, chances are you should just hang up and try again tomorrow. There is such a thing as overexposure. The second problem that can happen from forcing communication is that one or both people can begin to resent feeling obligated to the other person all of the time.

    The best way to go is to make all communication optional. Both of you can opt out at any time. The trick is to not take these opt outs personally when they happen — after all, your partner is not your slave. If your partner spontaneously feels as though she only wants to talk a few times a week instead of a few times a day, that is both the cause AND the effect of her feeling more distant. And easier said than done. Especially when plane flights are involved.

    Harmonious Loving Relationship Spoken Affirmations (developing relationships)

    A long-distance relationship cannot survive without hope. And for there to be hope, there must be some possibility that you two will one day be together and achieve your Happily Ever After TM. Without that shared vision of Happily Ever After, everything else will quickly begin to feel meaningless.