The Threads of Time

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Meaning: Gate A originally takes me to the year since First Gate. But, if the Now has elapsed 10 years, that means that next time I use Gate A, it would take me to year since First Gate. Difficult to wrap the brain around, maybe, but I could go with it, and it would explain why he has those missing years.

"The Threads of Time" by CJ Cherryh

Which I will not get into XD. Cherry makes is clear that Gates let to you travel to different times, Harrh is an Agent who protects the Gates, and when something is changes in the past, it affects the future. The mechanics of time travel has zero impact with the plot.

And the actual paradoxes that traveling into the past can create aka the butterfly effects , that all made perfect sense to me and I really like how that played out in the story! XD If you take this story at face value though, you should very much enjoy this.

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Sounds like you had fun reading this one! I think my brain might just implode trying to make sense of things…though it is great fun to do so when it comes to any time traveling story. Like Like.

Samurai Jack and the Threads of Time: Episode 5 - The Fanale

What I love most about time travels stories that involve paradoxes is that you can go back and try to figure everything out and see how accurate it is! Cherryh made it obvious what the Gates did, and that made sense for the plot — but she let out some stuff with the time travel.

I would check out another C. The funny thing is, it really only explains the time travel in the first page in a half — very briefly. Then with what happens in the plot, you can delve more into the mechanics of how it works. The Gate lets you go back in time, and the plot shows how this creates the butterfly effect.

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  • The Threads of Time (by: C.J. Cherryh).

I think that mystery was put in there on purpose for readers to delve on. Like Liked by 2 people. Since most of these stories are older or were published in magazines, they are usually available online somewhere. I Googled next weeks story, and that link was the first pop up… and well, yeah, all the stories Haha!

He's known for his vicious nature on the battlefield.

The Threads of Time by cheyenne Brooks on Prezi

Sa Lum - Sa Kyung's older sister. She is the one that pulled Moon Bin underwater in the pool, and therefore responsible for his trip to the past. Ultimately raped and killed by Sali Tayi.

Before her death, her body was in a comatose state, yet her spirit - both while she was living and dead - often visited Moon Bin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic series. For the Cherish the Ladies album, see Threads of Time album.

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