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Fantasy and Werewolves Join the Pack! How it works. Undead Preface The apocalypse bears no warning and brings a melancholic end. Chapters 1. Undead Preface. Further Recommendations. Jack In The Box by kittykash Jenni: Great.

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Pet by haleystuart2. Princess of the Shadows by C. Trixxxie: This is a really good book, I can't stop reading! Abandoned Lives by ReneeCLeigh. Psycho Billionaire by kittykash Miyan davis: I love every chapter in this story. Selected by jennkayy The Diamond Spy by C. More Recommendations. My High School Life by angellover Tulip In the Mafia's Grip by Mary. Rida Zainab: I liked the story line. It must've been the most terrifying thing he has ever seen in his whole life, a living nightmare.

Another move. The ice melted in mere seconds. The second guard was about to beg for mercy — the man wondered if that simple minded moron was even capable of understanding the irony of this — but the man just moved his hand again and the guard exploded from the inside.

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Then he placed his hood back and entered the city. They got used to the screams of those who were slain by the guards. The man continued his journey, unaffected by the gruesome deaths of these guards, and entered the dirty streets of the city. No one minded the hooded man who was wandering through the streets, the few people who were still up were either had something illegal in mind, were too busy with their own business or just left the brothels and taverns and were on their way home.

No one cared about one more hooded figure in the night. It didn't take him long to arrive at the royal palace of the king. The man knew the palace like no one else — not even the king knew about all the secret passages that lead inside.

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The man only had to touch the stone walls. They still reacted to his touch, they opened and revealed the secret way. Only the man could open this secret door.

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  • He entered and the walls closed behind him again, as if the secret gate never had been there. He knew this place all too well. He used to wander through these passages almost every week for years. He knew every candle, every guardian, every door, everyone and everything inside this palace. Another move with his arm and the door opened silently, allowing the man to enter.

    The room was filled with gold, almost everything was made out of it. Even the bed.

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    The man could see that someone lied in the bed, but it was only one person — the queen. The first target. One move would be enough to make her suffer the same fate as the guards, but the man wanted to take revenge and suffer like he did. Some movements and magic surrounded her. She woke up, most likely feeling how her feet started to ache. She looked at the man with horror.

    He didn't wear his hood anymore and she looked into his dead eyes. She tried to say something, but she couldn't talk anymore. The man had used his magic to silence her. She wouldn't be able to scream as the ache became real pain. She wasn't able to scream when the pain became even worse. Little, summoned insects fed upon her body, eating it from the feet up to her stomach. She still tried to scream when the insects reached her head. This was nothing but a tiny bit of the pain the man had to go through. He watched every second of her torment and felt nothing. No happiness, no pleasure, just nothing.

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    It took hours until it ended and the man was quite sure that, very close to the end, the queen realized who he was. In the end, the summoned insects disappeared after they had eaten all flesh, all bones, nothing was left, no trace that she had ever even existed. The man left, unmoved by the cruelty he just commited. He felt no guilt.

    She was among those who were responsible for his betrayal, there could've been no doubt about it. The advisors shared a similar fate as the queen, they died, one after another. In the end, only the king himself remained. The man knew exactly where to find the "Defender of Mankind". The quest rooms, one particular guest room. The man could hear laugher, the king had more pleasure in bedding his most exotic guest than his wife. Soon, all three would be united again - in death.

    He entered the room the same way he entered the others. The man closed the door behind him and then broke the king and his lover apart with his magic. They looked at him, both confused and shocked. The king of Rendar and his "company" — the elven queen. It was rumoured that, soon, she'd allow her daughter to take over so she could enjoy her immortal life without ruling the Elven Kingdom. That day would come sooner than she thought.

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    She was a vile woman who only used the Humans to fight her battles for her. The man had many good friends among the Elves, her daughter was said to be more popular than her mother but not to be trusted. The man had met her once. He didn't like her back then. Only time would show, but tonight, the Elves would lose their queen and the people of Rendar would lose their king. The man rose his hand to gather his magic and then pointed at her.

    A loud crushing. An ice meteor had fell from the sky — it landed directly on the elf and crushed her body completely. The king stared at her, not believing what he just saw. He tried to call the guards, but he was silenced by the same spell the man used on his wife. This king would die a slow, gruesome death, he would suffer the same pain as the man did.

    First, the man entangled the king in this bed. Then, he froze the arms of the king while also burning them at the same, creating a magical symbiosis that was both effective and really painful.

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    The king tried to scream but the spell prevented him from doing so. The man removed the insects once they were done eating the feet and used dark magic to make the king feel pain from both the inside and the outside. He had no chance.

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    • The man opened his mouth and an unnatural, strange sound, that made the king look at him filled with even more fear than pain, was the last thing, the king would ever hear. His blood began to burn in black flames, slowly killing the king in agony. The deed had been done. The king and everyone else responsible for the betrayal of the soldiers were dead.

      Still, the man felt nothing. He left the palace the same way he entered it and also left the city. In a few hours, the people would realize that their king is dead and since he didn't have any heirs, chaos would reign for the next few years.